Jan 2, 2009

Blood Catalyst

Blood is a major catalyst of a Logiksmiths ability, it has an affect of strength, speed, and accuracy of incantations and the Logiksmith themselves.

♦ Name: Blood   ♦ Type: All   ♦ Class: Offensive/Defensive   
♦ Physical Range: varies  ♦ Spectral Range: varies  

Blood by definition is a specialized bodily fluid in animals that delivers necessary substances such as nutrients and oxygen to the cells and transports metabolic waste products away from those same cells.

The faster or stronger the blood flows through a Logiksmith, the more increased the rate at which they can do incantations. This is most effective if a Logiksmith sustains wounds in battle. The bodies natural reaction to an open wound is to send all emergency reserves to that area via homeostasis to prevent hemorrhaging. 
At some point within the early history of Logik it was discovered that the increased blood flow creates and adrenaline rush, and from this, an increase in the potency of the incantations.

It does have its draw backs, as too much blood loss can lead to uncontrollable and/or unfocused rage, loss of consciousness, or even loss of ones own life.

While all Logik is affected by the blood of the Logiksmith, several sects and Boka arose based around the sole fixation of blood in its relation to Logik over the course of Erravannah's history. Most Logik sects that flow in the direction of the chaotic are closer in affiliation with the fixation on blood and its affects on incantations.

A list of Logik Sects with a strong concentrationn of blood as a catalyst:



  •  - Jeph used blood as a catalyst to strengthen his ability to use Bluefire Logik and walk through a wall. 
issue 5

  •  - Jeph experienced one of the more common effects of blood loss, which is the adrenaline rush and increased rage that often comes with it.  
issue 2

  •  - Sankofah performs a symbiosis state in which he had full control of Jeph, after Jeph suffers heavy blood loss. 
issue 2

  •  - Sune uses her blood fueled rage in a fight against Jeph at the Red castle. 
Issue 10a

  •  - Sethirre intentionally increased her blood pressure to create a stronger static electrical discharge, resulting in a nose bleed and a sizable explosion. 
issue 10a

  •  - 26 uses his heightened sense of smell to locate Reedohah who is bleeding. 
issue 10a

  •  - 26 uses the Souls blade incantation which requires intentional blood letting, to produce the Logik based blade 
issue 10a

  •  -  Sune uses blood as a catalyst to jump start a static electrical discharge that leads to a concentrated stalagmite protrusion.
issue 11a

  •  - Reedohah uses his own wound to apply an incantation to summon a Dauri sprite. 
issue 11a

  •  -  J. Mephisto uses blood in the execution of a Half Echo incantation.
issue 29b 

  •  - while in a fight with The Rockeater, Sethirre's blood loss enrages her and provides her with stronger Logik.
issue 19b