Jan 2, 2009

Preist Zussan

Preist Zussan
 Debut: Issue 1 
Ch. 1, Saving Grace

Preist Zussan, is a Chootah village elder and healer priest.

♦ Name: Zussan Prot  ♦ Age: 74
♦ Gender: Male  ♦ Birthdate: Lel' Cohr 12, 5823  ♦ Birthplace: Chootah

♦ Occupation: Priest     ♦ Class: Elder    ♦ Rank: Healer      
♦ Affiliations: Chootah village   ♦ Relationships: none 
Priest Zussan, is a short and very round slightly hunched over elderly man, with gray olive wrinkled skin, a large bulbous nose, large aquamarine down turned eyes and woolly gray eye brows and beard. He often carries a tall wooden jeweled healers staff that may or may not be have Logik properties. He wears a turquoise outfit indicating his status as a healer, trimmed with burnt ochre which indicates his status as an elder.