Feb 1, 2009


(Chootah) chew-taw

Chootah Village, is a small farming village located in the Kuhskus
Valley region of North Mah' Hu along the south of the Frethh river.

Chootah is a small fairly unknown village which is neutral to any affiliations in the current war. Its citizens are farmers and textile craftsman's, who trade with other villages and towns north and south of the river they are closest to.

the villagers are very close and everyone takes care of one another, and while they have a group of trained village warriors it is  a very peaceful village.
The village sits at the top of a valley region, encircled by a series of forested land and divided by the Frethh river at its base and historically was a military defensive position during the early portion of the All Saints war.

♦ Permanent:
Elile Vyour
The Vyours (Elile's parents) 
Everett (deceased)
Preist Zussan 

♦ Temporary:

♦ Crowbah village (north across the river Frethh)
♦ Hettatiahjin
♦ Dunburss