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Jephuserah (Jeph) 
 Debut: Issue 1
Ch. 1, Saving Grace 
Jeph, is the main protagonist of the Goblyn series.  He is an often aggressive and impatient sarcastic young Logiksmith; who doesn’t care much for the traditions and histories of Logik. As a result he is a fairly weak Logiksmith, but occasionally shows signs of having vast potential. He has a sometimes obvious distaste for most authority figures, and doesn’t like being talked down to.
♦ Name: Jeph (Jephuserah) Jay-Foo-Say-Ra  Age: 14 (Vol. One)       
♦ Gender: Male  ♦ Birthdate: Ja' Me 5, 5881  ♦ Birthplace: Maerohne

♦ Occupation: Logiksmith, Slugger    ♦ Class: Goblyn    ♦ Rank: Ao       
♦ Affiliations: Sankofah (Kesh)   ♦ Relationships: The Rockeater (Grandmother)  
Logik Spectral Range: P/100-YO/44 (Vol. One)  UV/Unknown (Issue 7b)
♦ Boka of Enlightenment: Ataxia, Deorss (Vol. One)  

Jeph's Logik Spectrum Stat

He has a lean, slender, body build with slight muscular development. He has a round head with maroon coloured hair and eyes. His eyes are large and long, with very pronounced thick eye lashes. His attire usually consists of little more than a Dedstar brand t-shirt, jeans cuffed at the bottom, a very worn out pair of Dedstar brand sneakers, and a pair of thick wrist bands.

He has many visible scars along his arms and across his back, which he received during many of his fights prior to his time as a Goblyn as well as during.

Jeph arguing with his grandmother.
Jeph is a fairly outspoken person who generally doesn't think or seemingly care about the appropriate context of the things he says. He doesn't hold his tongue when confronted with something he is apposed to, especially in heated conversations and arguments.

Because of this he is often insulting to people, both intentionally and unintentionally.
His nature is perceived as a bit devious, and he often is viewed as a trouble maker many of the places he goes.

He is very impatient and most times rushes into situations, disregarding the danger which he views simply as challenges he can conquer. This is usually accomplished by pure adrenaline, brute force, and what has been observed as his ability to instantly adapt to fluctuating situations.

In social situations his aloof nature and sarcastic attitude give most the impression that he is a jerk who is lazy or uncaring of the world, global events, or people around him. But those closest to him have found this to be a defensive mechanism, mainly due to his negative experiences as a small child. Jeph does in fact care deeply about kids younger than he, and finds himself willing to go out of his way to protect them from any harm and help them when ever they need it.

Jeph helping Elile in Issue 1
He is an outspoken advocate against being treated as anything other than an adult, and gets angry when regarded as a child or kid. Despite the fact that he is generally as responsible as an adult while on his travels, in the presence of older adult figures he is usually reduced to juvenile behavior. 


Jeph age 10
Jeph began his childhood in the small town of Maerohne once located to the North East on the outskirts of UFK protected territory. He became a war orphan in the year 5890 after Maerohne was invaded by Spectral army troops and raised to the ground. The official records state that no one survived the massacre, but the truth was that 10 year old Jeph had miraculously survived the attack. He was hurried away to the central base of operations for Branch agents of the Tree of Auburosoh, a covert organization to which his estranged grandmother was an active agent known as The Rockeater.

Soon after, Jeph and his grandmother moved to a living space in Hidrodeskono, where she attempted to put him through an apprenticeship. In this apprenticeship Jeph was made to do many (as he viewed it) not Logik related tasks, such as organizing Books and collections of mixing jars, or purchasing ingredients from the local marketplace. 
Neither getting along with his grandmother nor fully liking or appreciating the situation he was currently in, Jeph ran away from home at the age of 13.


Once he had begun his journey across the continent to the Northlands Jeph met Sankofah, a very powerful and knowledgeable Logik artifact in the form of a small Sprite. Sankofah agreed to take Jeph on as an apprentice, and teach him all that he knew about Logik. Mostly Logik from the Ataxia sect.
Jeph immediately takes the role of a Goblyn, Slugger to raise money while he travels.
His ranking as a Goblyn is Ao, which is actually very low for a Slugger who is also a Logiksmith. The major problem being, that while Jeph is a natural talent as a Logiksmith, he has poor skills as a tracker leading to him catching very few of the Slugs he sets out for.

Jeph entering a Bluefire circle
One fact of proof that Jeph is a natural talent of Logik is that he has only a few years apprenticeship in basic Logik, yet he is able to understand and utilize incantations from the Blue Fire sect.
Originally it was mistaken by a few that he was using a dangerous branch of the Ataxia sect called Orvarravah, in a plot to advance his path to enlightenment and take revenge on the Crimson King.

It was later revealed by his Grandmother, that he was actually using an experimental and highly controversial Logik sect called Bluefire from Sankofah. Unfortunately Sankofah only knows a limited amount of the sect partly due to its complexity and also because of the long term effects of having been craftwerked into a Logik artifact. 

Jeph's Primary Boka of Enlightenment is Ataxia, which he learned during his apprenticeship at the Doma of enlightenment in his home town. With the towns destruction he was unable to complete the first level apprenticeship of a Logiksmith. He later began learning Deorss while in the care of his grandmother, but again did not finish his apprenticeship.

He is currently into his second year of his third apprenticeship under the tutelage of Sankofah, in which he is learning from a mixture of Ataxia based Logik sects. He is also learning Bluefire Logik from Sankofah, a Logik sect many others that travel with him do not agree he should be learning.

He seldom uses defensive Logik incantations preferring to use offensive incantations.
His strength is in close ranged attacks, while his weakness is in the stability of his long ranged attacks.

  •  Spectrum wave - The most basic attack type incantation Jeph uses, at a frequency rate of nearly 80%. He generally uses different intensity levels of it when in fights,ranging from low level blues and purples but has been know to occasionally produce higher ranged levels including oranges and reds. His consistent use is most likely because of its ability to be used quickly and in rapid secession.
  • Skill range: P/100-YO/44

  • Plasmic wave - A very advanced attack type of incantation that Jeph was only able to use while being possessed by the Animah Ruah Kanastraa. (issue 7b)
Skill range: B/?-W/? 

  • Stone/Rock duplication - This is one of the only defensive incantations Jeph uses. It is a part of the Deorss sect and was taught to him by his grandmother during his second apprenticeship. He has used it several times as an evasion tactic in order to blind side his attackers.
Skill range: P/30

  • Material displacement - Jeph successfully uses this basic level Bluefire incantation to walk through a wall in a room with no doors. 
Skill range: UV/? 

    Jeph exiting a Bluefire circle
  • Circle of Bluefire - It has never been stated how many times Jeph has traveled through time using this type of incantation, but it is presumed to have been quite a few before his accidental use while under heavily sedated by numerous dosages of Lessere powder. 
Skill range: UV/?

  • Flash - a localized series of short spectrum bursts as a direct result of  basic incantations.
Skill range: P/100-BA/100


Vol. 1

  • Issue 2, against Sleemer, where in Jeph is knocked unconscious, and Sankofah takes over control of Jeph beginning a transformation into a powerful form in order to defeat Sleemer. 
  • Issue 7b, Jeph fights the material form of the Animah Ruah Cholibod.
  • Issue 9b, 10b, Jeph's first fight with Sune to allow Ami the ability to escape. 
  • Issue 11b, 12a, Continues his fight with Sune, cuts off her arm in the process, but leaves her alive. 
  • Issue 20b - 



an early 2009 Jeph as a 10 year old
another 10 year old version of Jeph