Jan 1, 2009


Sankofah (Sank)
 Debut: Issue 1
Ch. 1, Saving Grace
Sankofah is one of the main protagonist of the Goblyn series.
he is a Logik artifact from an unknown period.
he is very powerful in Logik, but is severely inhibited by his Sprite like form.
He is also the friend of and current Kesh to which Jeph is apprenticed to.
♦ Name: Sankofah (Sank)   ♦ Age: unknown (estimated over 200 years)
♦ Gender: Male   ♦ Birthdate: unknown   ♦ Birthplace: unknown 

♦ Occupation: Logiksmith     ♦ Class: Sprite (Logik artifact)    Thresh: none        
♦ Affiliations: Jeph (apprentice)    ♦ Relationships: none 
Logik Spectral Range: P/100-DR/100 (speculated) (Vol. One)  BW/?
♦ Boka of Enlightenment: Ataxia, Bluefire, (Vol. 1)

Sank's Logik Spectrum Stat

Sankofah is a small Sprite shaped Logik artifact. He is midnight blue in colour, with a stream of Spectral flame flowing from the top of his body. He has a single deep red eye, that has a slit like iris which is light sensitive, but also great in depth perception.
He has a mouth with several round uneven teeth in it, and a small pinkish tongue but no visible throat, indicating that as a Logik artifact he does not need to eat to stay alive.

Sankofah is generally very calm, displaying a well composed demeanor. He has been known to occasionally shout, or display great levels of anger. But generally he has a very neutral disposition. This possibly in part to his state of being as a Logik artifact. 

He keeps to himself and cloaks himself with an incantation of invisiblity when around strangers. His mistrustful nature comes from the negative treatment of Sprites by many non Sprites, across the globe, but even more so out of fear that he will be treated worse by anyone who discovers he is a Logik artifact that only looks like a Sprite.


Jeph discovering Sankofah
Sankofah was discovered by Jeph in an old dilapidated temple complex, that was partially hidden near the east coast of Mah' Hu. Most of the incantations that were binding him to the area had been destroyed and so Jeph was able to extract him from the pillar that he had been placed on.

Jeph recognized that Sankofah was a rare type of Logik artifact, as they are usually not given a body in which to move around, but are Craftwerk'd to inanimate objects.
Due to the debilitating effects of becoming a Logik artifact, Sankfah agreed to teach Jeph all that he knew about Logik, as a way to preserve the knowledge in Sankofah that would be lost to time.

Jeph wearing Sank in symbiosis
One of the ways he does this is through a symbiosis brought on when Jeph wears Sankofah as a hat. The two share a melded mind and memory set, allowing Jeph the ability to sift through Sankofahs memories and extract whole pieces of incantations or parts that they rebuild. Because of this, Jeph has gained the ability to use some incantations beyond his experience base.  

Sankofah trapped in a water prison.

For a short time imprisoned in a very standard water incantation, which could have been broken if Jeph were to ever take his apprenticeship seriously. He was instead freed by Jeph's Grandmother, who was temporarily able to see inside of Sankofah's mind deeper that either he or Jeph have gone. 

It has been speculated by Vimmer KoKo, after meeting Sankofah that the Witchclockers may have been the ones who craftwerk'd him, as they are historically the only beings known to be able to successfully do this.  

Sankofah's Boka of Enlightenment are unknown in number, but he believes that he may have a full knowledge base of all the Ataxia sects of Logik. This alone is a great feat of accomplishment even in times before Logik was outlawed. Your average Logiksmith would spend an entire lifetime learning and mastering one sect, or several smaller, overlapping parts of numerous sects.
This makes Sankofah very powerful, and potentially very dangerous.

  • Symbiosis - This state of shared mind by Sankofah and Jeph is a very rarely used technique that allows Jeph to access parts of the Logik knowledge base in Sankofah's mind. In this state the two sometimes share two distinct voices though speaking from the same mouth, or can speak separate from one another. Their strength and stamina is also increased.7

  • Invisibility - Sankofah uses his ability to influence the minds of people surrounding him, so that they can not perceive him. it's a trick used by most Sprites, but has failed him at times, such as in the tavern when he and Jeph crossed paths with J. Mephisto

  • Jumping & pouncing - Sankofah has the ability to project himself great distances from any surface, and has used this as a means of attack against enemies. While it may not seem like it, this ability relies on Logik being used by Sankofah to accelerate his own movements. 

  • Metamorphosis - This is a physical transformation brought on during a state of unconsciousness by Sankofah while in symbiosis with Jeph. It is a far stronger and more animalistic form, in which the skin is covered with an iridescent, mineralized, exoskeletal structure, with long talon like nails.

Vol. 1
  • Issue 2, With Jeph, against Sleemer, where in Jeph is knocked unconscious, and Sankofah takes over control of Jeph beginning a transformation into a powerful form in order to defeat Sleemer. 
  • Issue 9b, 10b, With Jeph, during his first fight with Sune to allow Ami the ability to escape. 
  • Issue 11b, 12a, With Jeph, continuing his fight with Sune, cuts off her arm in the process, but leaves her alive. 
  • Issue 20b -