Apr 1, 2012

Goblyn Issue 21a

a wee bit late? yes.
I was actually adding 2 extra pages to this issue.

I've been working on the video for the Goblyn kickstarter fund, and also working on the new Goblyn website.
(finally moving it from the old host once and for all)

It's not very tiring I was just a little bad at managing how long I needed to stay on each project. I worked on the site too long and spilled over into time I was supposed to be working on Pages for this issue 
it will definitely seem short. there are, I think less than 20 pages of dialog. (i'm probably wrong about that)
there's not a lot to be said by anyone this issue. 
it's a battle unfolding.
but what little that is said, is pretty significant.
enjoy! C: