Jun 10, 2012

Goblyn Issue 24b

it's funny... I  got CS3 up and running on someone else’s laptop and then promptly "borrowed" it for the week (insert devious laugh here) then proceeded to tell myself I would be finished with this issue by friday morning and that way i could spend the weekend sleeping in a corner somewhere.
(i've been sleeping poorly for a couple of weeks)

but it meant i would have to run this week’s issue short. like almost 20 pages short compared to a usual issue.
hrm... sacrifice story, for sleep. hrm... HRM....
if you want to know how it turned out... know this. I woke up sunday morning June 10th at 6 a.m.,
sat here at this hijacked laptop and am currently colouring 10 pages I couldn't bring myself to sacrifice from the story, no matter how much catching up on sleep i wanted to get.
i would love it if goblyn came out each week perfectly at the stroke of midnight, but not if it means leaving a bad taste in people’s mouths with less than half a story. i couldn't get up the next day and work on the next issue in good conscious if I did so.
or maybe i'm an arta-worka-holic.
or maybe I just like telling stories too much to poop out a crap story just so I can sleep all day.
who knows?