Jun 3, 2012

Goblyn Issue 24a


This has been a pretty miserable week as far as making comics and using technology goes.
CS3 decided to stop working on me again. Seems like this happens once a year.
So I was forced to use Photoshop 6, which isn’t all bad except I have no texture brushes, not image warping and as I found out while colouring I have lost the ability to do many of the layer effects I had been doing over the last few issues.
I dunno… adobe is doing this new thing where they have set up a cloud network and you can technically rent their programs on a monthly basis. It’s kind of awesome. That means that now anyone can use photoshop…  technically. I mean it’s a little weird because after like a year or so you have basically paid for a copy of a program but you don’t get to keep it. But adobe has been introducing new versions of their software so fast it’s like you’re just upgrading to a new version as it comes out anyway.
Does any of that logic make sense?
I hate losing the ability I’ve become so comfortable with over the last few years.
I keep trying to reload it but it tells me it has repaired the problem, and when I launch the program I get the same old error. With PS6 I still at least have the ability to colour, that’s a good thing. But wow is version 6 nerfed compared to CS3. They made so many advanced, so many changes. The UI alone is more comfortable in later versions. PS6 is very clunky to get around in. it feels very tight and Closter phobic. But I’ll survive, for now. I may go mad in the long run though.