Jul 24, 2012

Munch Chunky Issue 3b

I think this is the first time I have put out an issue of this comic on time.
like it was 100% finished before the clock hit 12.
I think it has to do with this new schedule. 
suddenly my stress is low, and I'm blasting through pages and having a ball while doing it.
I'm thrilled about how the colours in these last few issues have been coming out.
there's very little to no fighting for attention in any one frame.
i think now that I'm coming up on four issues, and I have introduced a ton of characters I should begin a Munch Chunky Databook. I figure if i start now, I'll be able to update it as the issues come out.
we'll see.
also... new song this week for the Munch Chunky OST
Ixia beat.
it's named after the big blue creature they meet in the forest
an Ixia beast. 
it's fuzzy, and twilight foresty, and fun.
the song, not the beast.