Aug 1, 2012

Munch Chunky Issue 4a

I can't even express how absolutely happy I am with this issue.
I almost cut the little bit of tech in the boarding part near the end.
but i thought 
"no. the only way i can get across 
how fun this bridge system is in my mind 
is to draw out tall the steps of it"
So i took the time and drew out a few of those steps.
seeing it makes me smile.
and the ending does too, even if it's a little grim.
I can't wait to show off more of the weird and wacky technology used in this world.
well... I'm off to the art supplies store to buy more pencils.
I was using a well known brand of HB pencils these last few issues, 
which means nothing for the quality of the pencils it turns out. 
because the leads would just disintegrate under pressure.
I finally couldn't take the leads snapping on me in the middle of drawing a page anymore.