Oct 28, 2012

Goblyn Issue 31b

the soldiers life.
it's chaotic, it's surprising, it's filled with choices,
love, and strife. it's filled with victory and it's filled with loss.

they pledge their lives, for what they believe in or what they've been told to believe in.
they know their enemy, and the enemy knows them.
both sides and all sides of the conflict believe what they are fighting for is
either truth or the right thing to do.
territory, faith, society,
these are but some of the things a soldier fights for,
but mostly it's for life.

i like the stories of the soldiers, who are on the outside of what's really happening.
they're fighting these battles, thinking they are deciding the fate of the world, when behind closed doors
strange gatherings of people who look down on society are actually the ones pulling the fate strings of the world.
making the final decisions to the future of Erravannah.