Oct 21, 2012

Goblyn Issue 31a

oh wow... so the reason I've been really non vocal (more so than usual) is because there was a tragedy in the Mars family. 
yes, that's right... my laptop died.

it may sound trivial, but that laptop meant a lot to me. it meant I was no longer tethered to one place to work on my art. it meant I suddenly had enough processing power I could livestream while I made art, it meant I could make a to of fun videos anytime I wanted. t meant that I could stay in constant communications with the people that really mattered the most in all this comics journey... you
(sappy I know, but true.)

I lost A LOT of stuff, because I didn't have enough space on my 2 external hard drives for all the content. I'm realising with each new passing day what and how much of it I actually lost.
sure most of it was silly nonsense I came across while running about the Internet...
but some of it was serious business.

you'll be happy to know (hopefully) that nothing significant regarding Goblyn, Munch Chunky, or any upcoming series was lost. I did lose all of the stuff for the Goblyn wiki, but it was all the raw info that's already been uploaded or sitting in wait. since my last detrimental computer loss a few years ago when the hard drive of my desktop died, I've been backing up my comics work across 3 hard drives. and soon I'm going to store it online, but we're talking several gigs of art work. hah

I'm borrowing my... "ahem" mom's laptop at the moment to do all the things online (which is most things) but this means I have very limited time, since she is pretty attached to her computer and has a slight addiction to playing majong on it. nyahahaha
seriously tho... i'm going to have to begin doing non stop commissions and and making comic related sales in order to buy a new laptop.
i felt a little hollow that first day... I didn't know what to do really.
it's funny, it's a little like losing someone close to you, and I think it's because of how many hurdles I was able to get over simply because of that computers existence in my life.

the comics will continue so long as I still have my old clunky desktop from '05.
it's a hard worker, and like me won't let any of these set backs get in the way of telling these comic stories to you.
*charges in with sword held high*