Oct 14, 2012

Gobyn Issue 30b

hooray for converging paths! 
things are really coming together and moving towards something big. 
you know i really love how lush and full this issue looks. it has a lot to do with the BGs being so detailed. 
I'll be honest i reused a lot of assets from past issues and overlapped some of them to make new BG layouts, but it's all the same location from 18-24 so I figured why the heck not. 
I actually got this issue finished perfectly on time friday morning, cut 1 page and had time to add 3 extra. 
I finished so early, I was actually bored having nothing to really do. 
i'm so used to being at the lettering stage the morning the issue is supposed t come out... you know what? 
not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth.
what a weird old phrase hunh? 
looking for the age of a horse given to you as a gift. 
it's in the teeth like the rings in a tree.

well, back to work for me. i can't wait for the next few issues. 

i hope they come out as awesome as they are in my head. 
i hope, i hope, i hope...