Jan 13, 2013

Goblyn Issue 35b

I decided to make a conscious effort at making Goblyn what it truly is... a digital comic.
I'm going to speak up more often and really advocate the continued progression and acceptance of this path of the medium of comics.  I spent so much time over the last year building the comic with the possibility of print in mind, but that wasn't the original plan and the series has a really suffered for it in my opinion. I gave in to numerous pressures, and took away one of the things that made the series unique in order to make it safer for print consumption. bah! this is a digital comic, a different format and I should play with the storyboard layout more. I had a ton of fun working with that idea and playing with that format in the past, in earlier issues. I really want to get back to that.

that being said, it's so weird creating something that takes so many hours, every day, in a week, that is then easily consumed in a matter of minutes.
when i type that last word, i look back over the comic, and it's like a slap to the face.
i look at all that work and I can't help but say in my mind, "is that it?!" "is this actually all that I got done this week?" these stories always seem so much more epic and longer while working on them.
maybe it's because I'm filling in all the bits between the panels in my mind, or maybe it's  just  a side effect of working on a singular thing for so long everyday. it just feels like a book that would take hours to read. I'm always worried that their is too much story in an issue and no one will finish it. haha
but it's really just a small edible chunk. maybe that's why i find myself working on multiple titles at a time. so that i have that over all feeling of accomplishment that one might get from doing a monthly title, with a ton of pages, or a graphic novel, eh?
*shrugs* who knows. as long as we all have fun enjoying it, i guess i can't take issue with it.