Dec 31, 2012

Goblyn issue 35a

I can't believe this is issue 35a... I realized half way through this issue
that Goblyn is going to go on quite a bit longer than I initially expected it to.
either way, we were a good ways away from the end... but I just timelined the events
that are about to come up with the events that are supposed to take place later in the series
and I now have no clue how many issues this is supposed to run to.
the fact that the series has shifted in its storyline three times as well as its publishing frequency
probably didn't help.

I suppose if the issues were the older bi-weekly 50 panel per issues versus the 25-35 that it is now
yeah... maybe it would be more predictable.
My fear is that the series will go on so long that interest in it, by both myself and maybe even you
would drift and the series would die a fat bloated death.
I can't imagine the next few years of Goblyn... I mean I CAN... because I know what's supposed to happen
in the series. but I mean I can't imagine... people reading a story of mine that long.
this long really. it's been 3 years! ha ha
this is the largest body of work I have created yet.
I hope that interest in the series in the coming year will be as strong as it has been this past one.
I'm not certain what will happen in my life in the new year,
and if the horrible prospect of having to go back to working a non art related 9 to 5 job
will created a conflict that will ultimately kill the series.
(based on past experiences, that is very possibly what will happen, if I can't find a solution)
I will fight as much as I can to prevent that from happening, but it's not a fight that any one of us
can do on our own. I'm still looking into ways to keep the series going if it comes to that.
but I assure you I have never felt so strongly about something as this series, and fighting to continue
doing this series is something I will concentrate a grand scale of effort into.
here's to what I hope will be another year of making comics and making friends
cheers all!