Jun 23, 2013

Goblyn issue 40b

well... you think you know where a story is going, and then half way through drawing and colouring it
you suddenly realize the story is wrong and not going to transition fast enough.
and you have to go back in halfway through and make revisions and try to not seem like a liar.

haha what i mean is, i underestimated how long the dialog would run and didn't have
enough room to show much action this issue. *shrugs* i said there was gonna' be face punching.

what can i say, i feel the need to create a sufficient set up for what is about to happen
in this series.

:bulletred: gah... i shouldn't say too much here.

OH! in case you hadn't seen it... I'm so totally trying to print Goblyn.
you can see all the details in  --> my latest  journal post  <--