Dec 31, 2015

2015 monster stickers art summary

my 2015 art summary is of the years monthly monster stickers
I made and mailed out to people that contributed $5 to my patreon.
it was fun making all these weird silly designs.
January... I guess had no stickers... I didn't remember that.

I discovered a lot about myself and what I find visually attractive 
and what kinds of things I use as an artistic crutch.
certain shapes kept showing up, certain colors, certain themes
so many eyes and toothy mouths. haha

I'm excited to see what comes oozing out of my brain in 2016

Dec 29, 2015

Myth of Eustro chapter 11 update/preview

I just pulled the last line on Eustro chapter 11, 
the sketch work is aaaaall done, now it's on to the "inks" and color. 
I wanted this to come out before the end of the year, but realistically I can see this coming out around January 1st or 2nd.

I had a really good idea for this chapter but I think I'm going to save it for chapter 12, depending on how people vote. hee hee.
I actually need to do a test or two to make sure it will work without messing up the .swf file format i use.

I'm also slowly working towards moving away from the .swf format.
it does mean a lot of things will change in the future about the immediacy by which these comics can be received and read, but meh... life changes and goes on. hopefully in a positive progressive nature. sitting in place and doing one thing your whole artistic life isn't healthy. 
I'll explain all that in the coming year. 

in the mean time, 
I've also attached a little screen cap of several images from multiple pages of this chapter, completely out of context!


Dec 28, 2015

monthly wallpaper 1215

So, I really liked the new star wars movie. a lot.

saw it opening night.

look... the original is literally my favorite movie EVER.
I was 7 when I first saw it. and it changed my world.
which was very small back then as you can imagine.

force awakens, was a different star wars, but still very star wars.

it made me feel a million times less angst ridden than the prequels did.

anyhoo, you can tell how much I liked it because I did fan art of it.
I rarely do fan art. it's a whole long thing I'd rather not bore you trying to describe my stupid reasoning.
The original version of this was supposed to be Jeph and Ami dressed as Finn and Rey with Sankofah painted hastily as BB8, 
but it just didn't come together so I went with a straight forward fanart.

$1 comics packs (including development work and thumbnails), wallpapers, and additional art
$5 Four, exclusive monster stickers/postcards mailed to your door!, comics packs 
(including development work and thumbnails), 
wallpapers, and additional art

Dec 23, 2015

The End...

I've decided to close up shop at the sticker & postcard store I had set up.
no body ever bought anything from there, and not even people who bought stickers and postcards at my table at conventions.
I'm not sure why? maybe it's just less fun to buy them online than when standing in front of a table where they can hold them in their hand before buying them?

I have no clue if there was an actual disconnect or if no one really cared.
hard to say.

all I do know is, it costs me 20 bucks a month to maintain and I don't have 20 to spare.
my hope was that I could balance it out with monthly sales paying for the bigcartel hosting
buuuuut... that didn't happen.
at all.

I made one sale in two years. that's just sad.
thanks Nick. you're the best.

I even made the prices low enough that I thought they would be appealing.
maybe people thought the prices were reflective of the quality?
but not everything that's expensive is high or good quality.

oh well...

I'm not sure really why I posted this? maybe just in case someone asks where the site went in the future, I can point them to this post? I'm not sure who would ask though. no one literally cared that it existed.
just one of my many failures in these past few years.

Dec 17, 2015

Goblyn chapter 57

I don't really have a lot to say about this chapter. 
it's the open gate leading to a much bigger yard full of... things.
horrible and wonderful, things.

on another note, I'm both excited and nervous, because I'm going to see Force Awakens tonight.
I... I just hope it's a good movie.
I purposely had myself on a media black out since October.
I only ever saw that very first teaser trailer they released waaaaay back.
I was on the fence because I'm not a big fan of JJ Abrams. (he seems really pretentious)
but after seeing that teaser trailer I decided to go see it.
I like that it's going to have practical effects.
I'm just really burnt out on CG.
hollywood has really driven that into the ground.

well, thanks for reading. enjoy!

Dec 12, 2015

AMIDS Transmit 03: Love Lies And Little Girl Lost

 A.M.I.D.S. is the Allied Museum Intern Disclosure Society, boosting our signal and getting out the truth to the world of Ephon about what's really going on behind the closed doors of the Grande Museum of the United Commonwealth. (GMUC)

In this episode we discuss the mystery of the vanished Goblin princess.
Goblin culture, history, and just Goblin stuff in general.

music by: Cryochamber

Nov 22, 2015

Goblyn chapter 56

okay... I did some super Smars magic and booted up my 10 year old desktop and was able to hook up the tablet directly to it. it worked, but I was only able to use Photoshop 5 because it's so old it can't handle anything more current. ha ha

I forgot that I had done all the line work for this chapter which means all I really had to do was put in the sepia tones and a few effects stuff. I kinda' hate the effects stuff in this chapter because PS 5 is so nerf'd. 

this is the second time I've used PS5 on Goblyn... the last time was during chapters 6 - 8 that was so freaking long ago y'all!

so much has changed, and yet so much is still the same.

I hope y'all enjoy!
thanks for being so patient with all this chaos.

Nov 21, 2015

AMIDS Transmission 02: Grenna Gardener

A.M.I.D.S. is the Allied Museum Intern Disclosure Society, boosting our signal and getting out the truth to the world of Ephon about what's really going on behind the closed doors of the Grande Museum of the United Commonwealth. (GMUC)

this episode, we talk about the Impabla Empire's inclusion in the UC and the possibility that documents found in the Directors office might point to a story told to me by my grandmother when I was a kid. 

music by: Randal Collier-Ford/Cryochamber

Nov 15, 2015

AMIDS Transmission 01: Shard Sham

A.M.I.D.S. is the Allied Museum Intern Disclosure Society, boosting our signal and getting out the truth to the world of Ephon about what's really going on behind the closed doors of the Grande Museum of the United Commonwealth. (GMUC) 

 music by: Randal Collier-Ford/Cryochamber

Nov 11, 2015

A.M.I.D.S. transmissions. it's a pawdcasss

A.M.I.D.S. is the Allied Museum Intern Disclosure Society, boosting our signal and getting out the truth to the world of Ephon about what's really going on behind the closed doors of the Grande Museum of the United Commonwealth. (GMUC)
hosted by Tibbsy...
* Tibbsy might be unfamiliar to you if you're not on the Nightmare Hunter tier, where I send out monthly monster sticker packs. He's a character I recently started role playing as, in the notes that go along with the packages. (the former and official director is away at the moment, so the interns are running the place.) But this should maybe catch you up and hopefully be fun.*
I'm treating this as a supplementary or complementary piece to the Myth of Eustro comics. the events in this transmission won't always directly reflect what's going on in Eustro, but they're definitely going on at the same time somewhere else in the world.  
I plan on doing these every week, mostly on Saturdays unless something weird happens in my life.

Oct 31, 2015

Myth of Eustro Chapter Ten

it seriously bothers me how long it took for me to get through this chapter. 
2 months? 
that shouldn't have happened.
and thanks for your patience! you're super great!

JOIN The Smars Patreon 
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info @
tools used:
Yiynova msp19u
Photoshop CC
Flash 8

Oct 5, 2015


Species type: Imps 
Land of origin: Kenalli, Julle, Loark

Imps (Impaba Empire) are what is considered one of the secondary classes of noble species of Ephon.
As a cultural movement Imps come from a very nature oriented belief system.
They feel that spirits exist in many if not all things in the world since all things are born out of or crafted from nature.
They strongly honor their past relatives, ancient lineages, including many mythological deities of nature.

Imps are factioned across numerous tribes of the lands and as such have different degrees of
overlapping ancient beliefs that may or may not still play a part in their contemporary lives.
Imps for the majority are a herbivorous farm building clade that are talented and resourceful.
Much of the advanced knowledge of caring for the land as well as spotting signs of Overtake
and preventing it from  ruining safe zone land comes from generations of Imps.
Their deep rooted belief systems for a long time prevented them from being excepted into the
United Commonwealth, as they were generally not seen as sophisticated enough a debated action
as they are still in fact slowly being integrated into the UC cultural dynamic.
Imps have complex and sophisticated olfactory senses. They have the ability to taste the air and
create highly detailed visual pictures in their minds of the thing they have captured the scent of.
An Imps memory is very trustworthy and they do not forget easily. Many of the remaining and newly created maps of the world were crafted by Imps.Within many of their cultural
tribes they identify and even name one another based on individual or collective smells the Imp takes to first.
An Imps first name is often reflective of a plant, flower, or natural item they gravitated to first from birth.
This is their way of allowing the individual to choose their own name.
Imps of many tribal cultures wear clothing reflective of the seasons of the cycles. In fall they will wear
browns and oranges or in spring they will wear bright vivid purples, reds blues yellows and greens.

Aug 25, 2015

Goblyn chapter 55

pineapple. mango. papaya. guava.
this chapter is 2 pages short because I didn't want
the story to extend beyond that last panel.
I couldn't balance out my script with the page count
so I just made sure it ended at a good place i think.

Aug 18, 2015

Goblyn chapter 54

let's just say for all the chapters listed as coming out on Sunday... 
will come out that following monday.
yes. let's say that.


Aug 10, 2015

Goblyn chapter 53

sorry for the late update... I had a super long night at work on Saturday and so I came home Sunday morning and instantly fell asleep forgetting to upload this chapter. but here it is.
alright.... off to work on the first 3 pages of chapter 54.
hope you enjoy this one
thanks for reading!

ALSO... let me know if any of the fonts in these chapters aren't loading properly. they should all be comic booky type fonts, but if they're broken they'll default to basic looking stuff. I can't see it because the fonts are on my harddrive ad so flash does a thing where it will update them visually no matter where I look. it's like a weird font illusion.

Jul 31, 2015

Myth of Eustro Chapter Eight

things get a little weirder.
a little creepier.
a little more exciting.

Jul 21, 2015

Goblyn chapter 52

Sorry this chapter came out a bit late.
my non art job got in the way juuuust enough to cause my whole
schedule to dissolve around me.

but I press on.

we are strong!

Jul 15, 2015

Goblyn chapter 51

I had to go back and redraw two pages because they completely destroyed the flow for a later story in this arc.
weird right?
but, I hope y'all still enjoy this chapter of Goblyn.
it's starting to shift gears in the department of action.
I'm always trying to find that balance between story (dialog) and action.
sigh... it's hard sometimes, but I'm getting better at finding a balance and enjoying it,
but also coming away from a chapter feeling good about what I've produced.

stuff happens in this chapter.
fun stuff, new stuff.

I've been waiting for a while for this stuff.

Jul 6, 2015

Goblyn chapter 50

double sized chapter. 
I feel like a proud papa or weird uncle haha 
well, I think this chapter came out well, and I'm confident enough to move on to the next chapter. 
I hope all the time jumping both is and isn't too jarring. 
mostly because pseudo time travel or whatever you would call this, is hard to make sensible. 
if that makes sense? 

thanks for reading! next chapter 7/12/15 yay!

Jun 12, 2015

Goblyn Chapter 50 update

hmmmmmmm... art is weird. and making comics is weirder. the emotional and psychological ups and downs of it all, have me and interestingly enough a few other friends of mine in strange little tornadoes of unease. 

but having said that, for the survival of the series and to maintain the enjoyment for both yourself (if you read it) and me while drawing it, I've decided to make some changes to Goblyn. well, maybe one change. 
but I didn't make this decision lightly, I have spent almost a year thinking about it and weighing it and talking about it a little in other videos. But I explain it a bit more in this video honestly.
so, this is just a simple one page preview image that's actually a collage of several panels from multiple pages of chapter 50. but, I really wanted to share a bit of the progress of this chapter. I'm getting through it a LOT faster than I had expected with the... erm... "black and white" treatment of it.yeah, I'm sure you've noticed I just went full on sepia toned art. i love it though. maybe it pushes some weird idea of old timey photos into your mind and I'm okay with that because there's something about those kinds of photos I like and there's something about this work that is making me reeeeeally happy. the monochromatic nature of it. wait... is this monochromatic? mono is one right? but this is still one color. sssssorta'?
hrm... I TOTALLY know art y'all! 
seriously though, there's a "creaminess" to the way the colors look to me that I may or may not mention a couple of times in this weeks Pat Ataq (when I finish editing it.) I went with the sepia full on look because, well... I'm not sure how many people ever noticed, but I don't use black lines in my work. except for maybe chapter 1 & 2 but by 3; I started using the softer sepia line. I thought it complemented the colors better. it did, it does. 
I think...
I may have mentioned it somewhere in one of the absurdly long video commentaries for Goblyn I used to do (and tell myself I will return to doing.)
even though I'm working with multiple shade of sepia it's still less work than working with a full color palette and weeping over my tablet at only having four panels colored after three hours. with this I have most of the entire comic finished and it has so far only taken me two days.  yay! 
I think this was a good path to take y'all. I really do. 
well... I have to ask, just based on this brief image what do you think?

Apr 30, 2015

Myth of Eustro Chapter Seven

this month is gone y'all, that sucks! 
I thought I had another week. 
I feel like I slept through this whole month. 

I had so much that I wanted to get done but didn't
and I don't know why or where the time went.
in the moment if feels like i"m spending m time wisely
but when I look back at the month I think... "what were you doing all that time?"
the strange and horrible part is... I can't exactly answer, because it's all a blur.
that's bad right?
I don't like it when days and time get like that
just racing past like it's inconsequential
it's supposed to all matter, this beautiful weird wonderful thing called life
and I feel like I'm ignoring a lot of it.
I have to promise myself I won't keep ignoring it.

Mar 25, 2015

Goblyn chapter 49

Chapter 49: Carbon Coalescence
I'm excited... I'm happy... I'm really enjoying making this comic lately
and I hope you enjoy reading it. 
another piece to the weirdly shaped puzzle delivered.
and interestingly enough... it's Ami shaped! haha

thanks for reading!

Mar 12, 2015

Daily Monster art 3315

Daily Monster pic (speedart)
get more videos like this, digital comics, nightmare monster wallpapers and more, for just $1 a month by supporting the Smars Patreon.
breakneck speedy art, for a turtle's tread state of mind.

Mar 4, 2015

Myth of Eustro Chapter Six

Chapter six: Tranquil Tether
another fun title page.
I like how normal this chapter is.
and I'm excited to see how everyone votes because this has the potential to get bat crap crazy if we let it

Feb 23, 2015

Goblyn Side Story 3

third side story
the events just after chapter 45.
late to the party.

Jan 31, 2015

Goblyn Side Story 2

another short side story

Jan 21, 2015

Goblyn Side Story 1

this story came to be, because my tablet's pen died and while I waited for a new one to be shipped to me, I decided to continue making comics... in black and white. 
so, I slapped the graphite to the paper and drew this side story.

I talk about it a wee bit more in my weekly vlog series Pat Ataq -->
and I even show a video of the chaos my old pen was able to create, if you're interested in that kinda' stuff.

I really loved this story. 
I love showing Sharlon using Logik in a non combat way. 
it's an interesting life she has decided to take on. 

and Dommah and Sophie are just silly and inseparable friends in my mind. 
this is kind of a slice of life story in the Goblyn universe, 
which is an odd thing to say considering it's pretty much ALL a slice of life story 
in the context of their universe. but you know what I mean.