Nov 22, 2015

Goblyn chapter 56

okay... I did some super Smars magic and booted up my 10 year old desktop and was able to hook up the tablet directly to it. it worked, but I was only able to use Photoshop 5 because it's so old it can't handle anything more current. ha ha

I forgot that I had done all the line work for this chapter which means all I really had to do was put in the sepia tones and a few effects stuff. I kinda' hate the effects stuff in this chapter because PS 5 is so nerf'd. 

this is the second time I've used PS5 on Goblyn... the last time was during chapters 6 - 8 that was so freaking long ago y'all!

so much has changed, and yet so much is still the same.

I hope y'all enjoy!
thanks for being so patient with all this chaos.