Dec 28, 2015

monthly wallpaper 1215

So, I really liked the new star wars movie. a lot.

saw it opening night.

look... the original is literally my favorite movie EVER.
I was 7 when I first saw it. and it changed my world.
which was very small back then as you can imagine.

force awakens, was a different star wars, but still very star wars.

it made me feel a million times less angst ridden than the prequels did.

anyhoo, you can tell how much I liked it because I did fan art of it.
I rarely do fan art. it's a whole long thing I'd rather not bore you trying to describe my stupid reasoning.
The original version of this was supposed to be Jeph and Ami dressed as Finn and Rey with Sankofah painted hastily as BB8, 
but it just didn't come together so I went with a straight forward fanart.

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