May 27, 2012

Goblyn Issue 23b

so very short.
the last issue went long,
and i'm really trying to balance out the total number of pages per combined half issues.
(50- 55 each half to make a total 100 - 110)

this issue was honestly, me lining up the last pieces for this final punch in the stories arc.
now everything can fall apart according to plan

i'll definitely return to doing the databook sections at the end with issue 24a.
i really hadn't been in the mood to do those lately.
sorry. C:

24a and 24b are going to be pretty chaotic...
but fun.
i'm looking forward to drawing those.
i just needed to get through this issue.
Pinion is sometimes so hard to write for.
he's so cold and distant.
I have little idea how to write an unemotional character.
i mean... his dialog choices have to be
as if he's calculating everything around him.
but writing like that always reads like poor writing, or old 40's 50's comic writing.
just weird.