Jul 29, 2012

Goblyn Issue 27b


perspective is the enemy, straight lines are the enemy,
vast cityscapes are the enemy.

yes... there are cities. a few.
they've talked about them a couple times before, i just never showed them, because as long as it wasn't necessary i ran away from the chore.
why is it a chore? perspective. which i'm bad at.
it has to be right or your city looks weird.
i can easily get around straight lines (which is the other reason i don't like drawing cities) with just making the cities "organic" structures.
that's fun.
but still... perspective.
oh! and all the little detailing on a cityscape... guh!

i cheated in this one, because it's a vision being projected in Dolklot's mind, i didn't have to draw the whole city.
nyaaaaaaa C:

the only thing is... cities play a larger and larger role in the series the more it goes on.
hopefully by then, this long running hatred and fear of drawing cities will subside just enough that i will make some decent drawings.
this issue is one small step in that direction.
*puts one foot out timidly*
*squeals squeamishly*