Aug 12, 2012

Goblyn Issue 28a

This issue was a reminder that while my intentions were to gain a lead/buffer on issues of Goblyn by one week. the outcome was not totally a success.
as the week went on I watched my buffer disintegrate from a week, to four days, to two days, to right back where I started. I scrapped a whole chunk of monologue/casual banter between a couple of workers in exchange for just getting to the meat of the story. I sometimes get too involved in the lives of all the "regular" people in my stories. I just want to make the world seem alive, and as if it would carry on even if the main characters all died.

no seriously. one of the most interesting things i find in books, tv, or movies are the background characters.
I like watching them, seeing what they're doing and thinking to myself.
what the heck do they do for a living? what's an average day for them? did they ever imagine their day would turn out like this? what will their life be like after this moment?
i think about people like that when I'm driving down the highway on my way to somewhere like a convention i know they're not going to, wondering if they've ever been to a convention in their lives. wondering if they would like it if they went. or when I'm at the airport picking up or dropping off someone. I think about all the people on the planes and where they're all going. and the numerous lives they live beyond this single point in time we all shared together, crossing paths at the airport.
life still goes on for them, beyond this point.

I sometimes like writing those characters in my stories. but sometimes, it's just necessary to cut the extra bits and get on with the action, so the core story can move ahead. J. Mephisto has a very core story that needs to move ahead and I'm trying to get everything ironed out flat by issue 35 at the most. issue 31/32 at he least.
we'll see how that works. I think it means some events will have to be sped up just a little.
although I did warn that their would be time skips in volume 2, yes?