Jan 2, 2009


Elile Vyour
 Debut: Issue 1 
Ch. 1, Saving Grace 

Elile is a young boy from Chootah village, who is saved by Jeph and Sankofah from a wild wood sprite. He is a fearful yet determined kid who looks up to his older brother with great admiration.

♦ Name: Elile Vyour  ♦ Age: 9 ♦ Gender: Male   
♦ Birthdate: Ju' So 14, 5887    ♦ Birthplace: Chootah village

♦ Affiliations: Chootah village   ♦ Relationships: The Vyours (parents), Everett (brother), Preist Zussan
Elile is a tall gangly kid with a large round head, large ears, and wild unkempt tawny coloured hair. He dresses in casual hand knit attire worn by most people from the Chootah village area, with colours indicating his non specialty status in the village. He often carries a old and rusty sword on his hip belt.

Chootah village
Elile is a weak and fearful child, but admires his older brother Everett and imitates him all the time. Often to the point that he is very determined and doesn't give up when he sets his mind on something. He is a very playful and adventurous child who spends a lot of time exploring the surrounding forests of Chootah, with other children from the village.


Elile, meets Jeph and Sankofah while being chased out of the forest closest to Chootah village by a pack of small wood sprites. He was seeking revenge against the wood sprites and wood spirit that are controlling the surrounding forest, and killed several of Chootah villages warriors including his brother Everett. 

Jeph carrying Elile on his back, to Chootah

He is scratched by one and falls ill from poison introduced in the attack. Jeph saves him from the attacks but is mistaken by Elile for his brother.

He is rushed to his village by Jeph where he is given a temporary cure with Lou leaves and paste, but is diagnosed to be terminal unless Jeph can return with some very specific herbs.
In the end Jeph is able to obtain the herbs and Elile is cured.